BosCorp Design & Build, Inc. is a full service firm committed to combining the highest levels of professional and quality craftsmen, with an industry leading degree of effective project management as well as an unmatched scale of customer service based upon open and transparent communication and cooperation.


Our Mission:  The mission of BosCorp is to be an industry leader in the level of professionalism, quality product, effective management and customer service that we provide to each and every client throughout the design and build process. We will continually strive to promote best practices across the industry, to maintain open, transparent and beneficial communication and cooperation with each of our potential and current clients.


Benefits Enjoyed by Our Clients:Our extensive experience, unique company leadership
and attentiveness allow us to provide for you:


Comprehensive Pricing– an upfront price for your project before any work commences. This price will include every aspect of your project from initial demolition through the finishing touches ensuring that you can properly account for your budget.


Utility Maximization – we will closely consult with you in order to determine your
unique objectives for the proposed work in order to guide you through the best
choices for the duration of the project.


Enhanced Communication/Comprehensive Process Management– the close relationship we maintain with our suppliers and subcontractors enable BosCorp to be the direct contact for each client throughout the entire project and to be the sole coordinator for all scheduling, change orders and any other customer concerns


All work fully guaranteed


Fully Licensed


Fully Insured (Liability and Workman’s Compensation)


Notable Attributes:


“Word of Mouth” growth – our commitment to the highest quality product and level of service has created such a satisfied customer base that BosCorp has enjoyed exponential growth since 2007.


BosCorp understands that customers have needs which require all different size scopes
of work. No job is too large nor complex, neither too small nor routine for BosCorp, so please do not hesitate to call to discuss how we can service your specific and unique needs. 


We are pleased to have always provided and continue to provide no obligation, no cost consultations.


The following are excerpted directly from our employee manual:


  “Quality/Service: It is the strict policy of BosCorp that the
level of quality of product and service should never be sacrificed; not to save
time or money, etc. It is the expectation and demand of Management that all team members ensure the highest quality and level of service to all clients. If a
situation arises in which it is necessary for a project to encounter budget
overruns in order to maintain this quality it is expected that employees will
notify Management of the issue(s) but will be aware that commitment to quality
is the overriding, deciding factor.”


  “Employees are required to leave every job site cleaner than when they arrived for all
habitable locations”


  “Employees are to respect the property of all clients at all times.”


  “Ethical Standards: BosCorp insists on the highest ethical standards in conducting its business. This policy is essential to the success of BosCorp.”